7 November 2016

Spanish interpreting services

Do you need an interpreter for an important business meeting, to accompany your guests at a trade show or for a complex technical discussion? Servicio offers Spanish interpreting services for every occasion and has an extensive selection of carefully recruited, highly experienced interpreters. We will select the interpreter that best suits your needs. The advantage of matching the interpreter to your requirements is that you will never pay more than necessary. Your interpreter will prepare for the job by reviewing documents you supply at no additional cost.

We also offer interpreting services via Skype and over the phone!

What can you expect from our interpreters?

For many of our customers working with interpreters is a new experience. Servicio will make sure that the use of the interpreter will be successful. This is done by applying our unique approach that includes a set of simple guidelines.

For more information about the guidelines and the interpreting services, please contact us.

Contact Imke for more information.